Interview with a Client

Business Finance Advisor: Okay. We’re speaking with one of my clients by the name of Dale. Dale, say hello and introduce yourself.

Dale: I am Dale.

Business Finance Advisor: Great. Just share with everybody a little bit about your situation in terms of what you were doing or trying to get accomplished businesswise when we met as well as your credit cash per situation?

Dale: Yeah. I was working fulltime and but I also had a side business as being a real-estate investor. So, I had a few real-estates, properties, and but I was finding that – you know, I had some management issues with them and where the tenants were tearing up the properties or moving out and I just was running out of personal credit cards to pay for those repairs or maybe cash flow shortages. And so I – my credit score was – as my personal credit cards were filling up, I think I had like 40,000 at that time. It was getting around the $35,000 – $38,000 mark. And I was just worried that I wasn’t going to be able to make some repairs, so that I can continue to rent out the properties. And in addition my personal credit score was going down as well.

Business Finance Advisor: Well, and so what happened when you worked with me?

Dale: Well, I mean, you – pretty much got a good understanding of where I was, I mean, we had lengthy conversations, we had two or three of them or you really understood what my situation was, you gave me some goals, you told me exactly what we would do and how it would work and what the process that we take. And so I mean there were we had daily conversation for weeks where either you were helping me with how does the lot of applications, business line applications or how to take – how to get your friends to help you out as well and so that’s you know and how to talk with the banks and telling exactly what they wanted to hear so that you could get the business lines a credit.

Business Finance Advisor: So, let me just talk about something. There are certain people that get the training from me in a course and then we get to work with – I get to work with each people in a group setting a couple of times a week and live calls which is great, I can help people. But you had the unique experience of working with me on a one–on–one basis. So, give people your insight or your opinion of maybe an advantage of working with me individually one–on–one versus in more of a group session?

Dale: Well, it was just more time efficient. And it was geared toward me personally as opposed to – like I’d imagined that were there. You know, be having to hear about what other people are going through and maybe I’ve already done that. I don’t really need to hear that again, I’m beyond that point or I’m not there you know perhaps. And so I don’t really want to learn about that because I’ve got another problem that I solve right now. So, on individual session I mean you were able to tell me exactly what I needed to do – so that – and we’ll do it and then we check in the next day and I’ve done it and now we got to do this. And then in the group session you just can’t be that efficient.

Business Finance Advisor: So you are saying that I tailor-made my coaching or consulting for your specific situation, your specific needs, your specific problems?

Dale: Yes.

Business Finance Advisor: Yeah.

Dale: And you’re like – you would all, I mean, there might be three or four different things I was working on at one time and you knew where I was in each of those, that could almost keep up with – better than I.

Business Finance Advisor: I – kind of muffled a little bit with the technology, can you repeat what you just said?

Dale: Well. I said that you knew I – there were certain situations where maybe I had to do three or four things at one time. But you know, you work with those and said okay and you would know what – maybe what – where I was or remember what I had to do and all that or item number three when I was working on item number one, for example.

Business Finance Advisor: Got you.

Dale: You would remember that better than I would sometimes and say okay now remember when we did this a week ago, now I need to pick back up where we were. So, that’s the ball a little bit on another step on that, while we’re waiting for something else to get done.

Business Finance Advisor: Yeah. So, that’s the personal attention you’re talking about.

Dale: Yes. You are great to do – you tell me that what I am needed to do as opposed to having, I mean, – hear what other people are doing but they wouldn’t necessarily apply to me.

Business Finance Advisor: Could you maybe share with people watching today, one or two examples of the type of situations I helped you through like that was specific to you?

Dale: Well. It was – there was one thing about how do we improve my credit score and so you coach me through a situation well like I had to borrow some money from some friends and convince them that yes, I would borrow that money, I would use that money to pay off my personal credit card, then I would apply for a business lines of credit. And when got those and then pay back my friends or for the assistance, plus the interest. So, you kind of helped me through the – well, getting over the private issues that come when you have to go to your friends for some financial help. That’s just one example.

Business Finance Advisor: Can you think of one more?

Dale: There were a certain phone calls, alright, you know, sometimes when you get a – when you’re applying for a business line of credit, it’s not just done on paper. They actually have a phone call with you. And I was on the East Coast and you are on the West Coast and maybe this lender – particular lender was also on the West Coast and there were times when you were on the phone with me helping me answer the questions that the lender would ask. And you can tell me what’s – what I needed to tell them and without their hearing you. So, I thought that was a real creative way of getting that step taken care of.

Business Finance Advisor: Now, just a somewhat clear, obviously I wasn’t telling you to be dishonest but maybe you were just you felt nervous or you just felt like you might say something in the wrong way, is that what you’re getting at?

Dale: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. I didn’t want to tell them anything that they – there would be a negative – I mean, you tell them all like what you need to tell them and sometimes I might say something, I was afraid that I would say something that would be – that would hurt me in that application.

Business Finance Advisor: So again, we’re not saying anything untrue, we’re just presenting yourself in the way that makes you feel – come across the most favorable, correct?

Dale: Well, yeah. It’s like having a good voice in your head about saying things, I mean, you are right I mean it’s not dishonest, it was just the information that you knew they wanted to know and leaving out the information that maybe they don’t have to know.

Business Finance Advisor: Right. And they don’t ask?

Dale: And you’re right, right.

Business Finance Advisor: Alright. Because we never tell them anything that’s not true but of course if they don’t ask, if it’s good enough for the military, don’t ask don’t tell, I guess its good enough for making an application.

Dale: Alright.

Business Finance Advisor: And that – how that make you feel confident that you could get through this process that maybe you had some fears?

Dale: Oh, just a while. I mean, I don’t know how I could have done that with – I just were a bit very nervous doing it all on my own and knowing that you’ve been through the process with other clients many time just gave me – it gave me the trust to know that it was going to all worked out well.

Business Finance Advisor: Great. Now, with all that in mind, how much credit did you end up getting?

Dale: I got around about 285,000.

Business Finance Advisor: And how long did that take you?

Dale: It took me from going – starting the process, I guess, about six months.

Business Finance Advisor: Okay.

Dale: And we worked on my personal credit at first but then things started trickling in. I mean, I was able to get 15,000, 20,000, at a time and then we went back a couple of weeks later and got 30,000 and 50,000 and so all was sort of adding up.

Business Finance Advisor: So, it’s been a little while but basically if I remember correctly, we did some work for some time to set a foundation and once that foundation was established, you were able to jump and get credit and then more credit and a lot more credit faster. Is that an accurate statement?

Dale: That’s right, yeah. There is a big – a lot of things you have to do, to assess the foundation and then once you do that – then you’re able to apply for lines very quickly. So, yeah, one other things you were able to do is just help me say, okay look, we’ve come a long way, here we’ve been on this point, and I’m telling you I’m getting the credit lines right now but all this is necessary in order to get them, you know, later on down the road.

Business Finance Advisor: Great. So, you want to just show people a few examples of the credit lines and the credit cards you got?

Dale: Yeah. Here is a Bank of America card, I got I don’t know if you could see it there but and then I gotten some…

Business Finance Advisor: How many – right – how much was that for?

Dale: This one was for 30,000.

Business Finance Advisor: That’s your credit limit?

Dale: Business, it’s a business credit card.

Business Finance Advisor: Wow.

Dale: And then here is a BB&T, I think I use them to get maybe 10,000 or 15,000, I’ve got PNC – that was about 20,000 there and I’ve gotten some letters – let’s see – here is a Bank of America approving me for a 30,000.

Business Finance Advisor: Wow.

Dale: And let’s see – GE Capital for 15.

Business Finance Advisor: Great.

Dale: Can you see that? And what are – there – this was the nice – this was a good day, Citibank for 50,000.

Business Finance Advisor: Wow, one line of credit, 50,000?

Dale: 50,000. And then Capital One another here is a capital one for 50,000. I marked on a little bit there.

Business Finance Advisor: Great.

Dale: So, yeah. I mean, it was, yeah, so that was really good to get those.

Business Finance Advisor: Great. So, you recommend people if they can afford it do one–on–one coaching because you feel the value is there?

Dale: Definitely. I mean, I don’t know if I would have. If I was in a group setting, I don’t know if I would have gone through with it. It was – I’ve – think of ever had one–on–one coaching ever before even in sports, I mean, you’re always on a team but it’s – I mean, it was an everyday thing. And so it’s – it was – it’s really well worth the money.

Business Finance Advisor: Great. Well, thank you for sharing your experience with me, so people that are watching can get an idea what they can expect.

Dale: You’re welcome.

Business Finance Advisor: Okay.

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